1.6.4 Guidance for Plugin Developers
In 1.6.4, the templates system has changed to disallow certain variables. This is to help enhance the security of the templates system.

Because of these changes, only the following variables should be used:

// Plain variables
{$hello} {$world} {$foo_bar} {$hello->world} {$foo->bar}

 // Array variables
{$hello['world']} {$world['hello']} {$foo['bar']}

 // Variables as array key
{$hello[$world]} {$world[$hello]} {$foo[$bar]}

While you can still enter templates directly into the database with other variables, an error will appear if a template the Administrator is trying to edit contains any other type of variable. They will have to remove it before they are able to save the template.

As well as these changes, the same process applies if you try to use a $config variable.

For plugin developers, it's important that your plugins are updated to be able to run smoothly with 1.6.4. If your plugin templates use any other type of variable other than the ones mentioned above, please alter them. We're here to help if you need it.

For other changes to 1.6.4, please refer to [Wiki: 1.6.4] (Broken link, head over to docs.mybb.com instead). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!



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