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Need Staff and Members
Hello, I have just made a site and need members and staff for it. I need professional MyBB users who can suggest things for Staff, and also people who can provide PNG icons for little things like the buddy_online things, and the "bullet" icon for sub-forums. I have searched for good PNG icons without the white edges like the default has, but I couldn't find it. I also need Staff who can be online on the forum as often as possible. I plan on this getting as big as possible. If we each play our part, in 2 weeks we can get over a hundred members (I've seen this happen to another MyBB forum).

My website is here: Please PM me for the website because I see 46 guests online and 117 views here, so I don't want bots on my forum
Just because another site gets 100 members that quickly doesn't mean yours will, and it also doesn't mean those were real members.

Also, I'd have to see your forum URL in this thread, because it's just a waste of my time to PM you for it.

And bots are inevitable. Most of what you've got are probably beneficial bots such as search engines.
Link or no cookies.....
Kay, I guess your site can't be found by any search engines then.
His site is

It has hacking and warez.

You cannot advertise it here.
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?

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