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how many money would you buy my site?
(07-17-2011, 07:21 PM)TheUninvited Wrote: 4b.Yea you are so pro designer and you are not using a prenium theme-.-i dont believe it and i dont care.

4c.First of all, in a succesfull forum it could be better if there is no spam .Secondly im not selling it and even if i were selling i would not give out the theme i didht even shared it and if i wanted i could have did it.i just wanna know how much someone is willing to buy it ...

I didht you insult me.i didht request for any opinions just the price.and you are the one who insults here you strawberry stupied ignorant son of the blueberry dumbmaster
jesus christ i met dumbmasters but you are the most dumbass ever

ahh and btw my site worth more $$ than yourself.
You wont get very far in life with this attitude. It is just making you look very immature.

Personally, your site isn't worth too much. I think Kujoe has a decent price. No higher than $10 imo.

@ TheUninvited. You asked for opinions and then insolt people for that. Seems like You can't handle the truth.
I'm going to offer a hefty $5.03. Because I like even amounts in paypal.
can someone close this?im fuking got bored of you xD
I've never loled so hard at such a senseless post in my life...
The site seems to be down, and it doesn't seem the OP is very open to opinions despite asking for peoples opinions on the value of his site.

Therefore this is thread is serving no purpose other than as a chance to flame so I'm closing it.

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