Direct user groups to a poll and make them vote

I'm looking for a plugin that will allow me to direct the attention of members of select user groups to a specified poll when they log in (if they haven't voted on it already), and force them to vote on said poll before they can browse the rest of the forum.

While I'm aware of plugins that will redirect people to specific posts/polls when they log in, I have been unable to find any that require them to vote on the poll before they are able to leave the topic (I've been searching the forum as well as the mod archive).

I hope to use the mod for things like making sure the entire staff sees and votes on polls regarding potential additions/modifications to the board or polling the general user base to see whether they'd use a new feature if it was implemented.

I hope you guys will be able to help me out.
Thanks in advance to anyone who tries.
No takers on this one?
Well, I realize I'm asking for something that could potentially be a lot of work without having earned any goodwill with the community, what with the request being my first post, so I can understand that.

If no one feels like writing it, could someone give me a few pointers on how to write my own plugin (i.e. which formalities I would need to observe, what is necessary to build a proper interface, etc.)? Or perhaps just point me in the direction of a website that'll teach me?
I assume that poll you're talking about is within a thread right?

Also, could you please link me to those plugins you found? (which didn't quite do what you wanted)
That is correct. Which means the plugin has to redirect users to the thread using their voting status as a criterion.
It may or may not be possible to modify some of the existing plugins to do this, but I'm not so sure about applying the redirect to certain user groups only... thought that may also be do-able with conditional statements if the interface is build the right way.

Anyway, examples of mods that do part of what I want are this plugin here at and this one at

I'd appreciate any help you could give me.
Does anyone else have any ideas on this?

Or have you figured something out, faviouz?
I still wouldn't mind writing it myself if you don't have the time... but like I said before, I'm not sure where to begin, as I've only ever written a few (very) small, independent programs, and I assume there are certain criteria that must be fulfilled for the plugin to work properly with the rest of the forum software.

Also, bump. Wink
Easy enough to do if you have a limited amount of polls. Even better if you just want one poll.

Have 2 settings.

1. For groups required to view the poll.
2. For the poll ids.

You're going to hook into global and do a check if in usergroup. If in group you do a second check for poll id and see if they voted. If not you redirect. This will force continued redirect until a poll vote occurred.

That's the base of it right there.

Good luck.
Thanks a lot, Yaldaram!


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