First round of MyBB 1.2 Beta Invites Sent
Peter and I have just finished sending out invitations for participation in the MyBB 1.2 Beta. This means that MyBB 1.2 will be entering the beta stage beginning Monday, 26th June.

Earlier today I finished off the new MyBB Beta Connection site, which everybody is free to login to using the same account details that they use here.

Similarly to the previous beta site, you'll only be shown a listing of the beta programs you're participating in as well as any public beta programs currently being ran.

A huge group of people currently have access to the beta which also includes all of the forum staff and translators.

If you do not currently see the beta on the My Participation page, do not stress too much - we can't invite everyone but we'll be inviting more people after the beta begins.

Please do not request to become a member of the beta testing team - we'll send out the invitations to those active here, who know MyBB and we feel can push the software and the beta to the limits.
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The MyBB 1.2 beta forums are now open for access.

Testers may find information on how to access them at the following URL:

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