Discuss: First round of MyBB 1.2 Beta Invites Sent
I didn't get one Sad

Anyway, the MyBB Beta connection system looks great & MyBB 1.2 sounds like its going to be a big step forward.

To those who are in the first round of the beta: Get ready for awesome-ness Wink Some great features have been added on the front end of things... Big Grin
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I'm looking forward to it Big Grin
* Ryan Gordon hurries up to get my commit in
I am quite excited about it Big Grin
Tikitiki Wrote:* Tikitiki hurries up to get my commit in

* Alan Crisp does the same. Toungue

Congratulations to everyone that has been invited to participate in the beta. We hope you like what you see when testing begins. Smile
my password on the forums here will not work on BETA page what so ever

so I got no clue if I was invited or not

o well I never get invited to these things

* Dennis Tsang has also a few more things to put in Toungue
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Will78, you would of gotten an email saying you were invited if you were, check your email Smile
This is gonna be sweet! I can't wait for 1.2, and am looking forward to testing this for you guys! Thanks!
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