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Where did you get your members from
Well I currently only have 4 members, all of which followed the link on MSN, which is a fairly good place to advertise, LOL.
where in msn ?
(2011-07-22, 04:09 AM)alsoyoutube Wrote: where in msn ?

Just in my description so that all of my contacts can see it.
ok i see
I find promoting on Facebook helps with getting active members. Smile
And that usually requires good content.
Work on unique content and members will come.
(2011-07-22, 03:41 AM)alsoyoutube Wrote:
(2011-07-22, 02:33 AM)Richard Wrote: That's untrue, you can have 4,000 registered members and that won't be the deciding factor for someone to join your forums.

well i guess it depends on the person the main factor is if a forum is active

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