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Topic Starters and Posters Wanted (Paid)
I willing to spend $80 this weekend to get my forum going.

The option I have is:
30 topics and 70 posts= $5 (I ask that at least half of the topics are made in the Doctor Who Discussion Lounge. If you not an expert or have no knowledge think of some questions which I am sure the more knowledgeable members will be happy to respond to.)

and other packages can be agreed.

I do have some conditions with the offer.
1. Please dont tell other members that you are being paid to post. (I am sure that you all know that anyway.)
2. I would like to ask that you upload an avatar (It doesnt have to be Doctor Who related.) It just makes the forum look nicer.

As in return apart from the money, I will allow you to have a reasonable sized banner in your signature advertising your community AND you will be added on to our Forums We Support Section. (which I will be adding momentarily)

The forum can be found here:

I will pay by Paypal or AlertPay.

If interested please either PM me here or respond to this thread.

Thank You.

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