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Looking to merge with other forums
I didnt the author of the script to have so many bugs when You installed it the Captcha was broken & the PM system was displaying A blank page You done A great job but The script author didnt do A Good Job I have ran a Active Community before that happened to be my first forum but I lost interest in the genre so I sold it (DSi Genre) Now I have found a genre that I like Please give it A chance I know how to run A forum but Multi forums was too buggy unless you can fix it
And i spent 2 weeks trying to fix it that why I was messing with it trying to figure out how to fix it

Ps: Kavin you told me on FP to drop the multi forums thing and bring Addict back so I lessoned and did but merging is helping & bringing activity back
From the last PM i received from you, you said you are going to merge addict to another forum ( and start a whole new forum.

Developing a community involves a lot of efforts. I don't think anyone who spent his efforts to develop a community will like this merge.

Good luck though.
Yes Coolit is now a partner we have sucessfully merged as you can see im moderator there but im going to use my copy of the database and use it for one more merge
That's not worth Spudster. The content is no more unique.
I have another copy of the Database What would you do we it then start separate or merge with another forum?
(07-24-2011, 10:59 AM)Spudster Wrote: I have another copy of the Database What would you do we it then start separate or merge with another forum?

I don't understand what you are saying. Can you say more clearly?
You don't want to do anything with "copies" of databases. They are useless. The content is just duplicated. You need unique posts to become popular. Google is pretty good at removing duplicate content from it's indexes.

If you merge the forums, the old one needs to be closed,

I just have to say, the theme looks horrible. Grey + orange don't go well together imo.
Its closed so this should tell you lots of changes are going to be changed i didnt make the theme look at the footer this should tell you im going to apply the theme *Peace blue* Soon

Thats why im merging with other forums so i have more content then a copied database
Still Looking!

Interested PM Me

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