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Dennis, in the admin CP, if I go to Manage Forums none of them are listed. But they are in the DB though. Any ideas?

Found the problem. The bugger (cracker) deleted 1/2 my forums. I dropped the table, restored from a backup, and fixed the cache, and they now appear. Whew.

What a time waster. Surely all script kiddies go to hell right?
Yes, I would sign a partition to deport all script kiddies, crackers and cyber criminals to hell, if such a partition existed. Unfortunately, the worlds governments will never come together to fix the problem. And God hasn't been answering his emails lately.
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How about automatic updater/patcher which users can run via cronjob. It should be a good choice for non-hardmodded (plugins exemption ofcourse) mybb forums. Well, it will need the files to be chmoded to webserver writable so this won't be the best choice for the users running in a shared environment where php_basedir or safe mode isn't in effect. Well who cares about them, coz they aren't safe anyways as their configuration file is exposed to everyone on the server.

err.. Went a bit off-topic here. Keep up the good work with security updates.
Asad_Niazi, the php files would need to be writable by the user the cron job is run as.
You're right... I actually had the one-click updates (from ACP) in mind too when I talked about a cronjob.
We may also be considering releasing plugins as a method of patching the forums in the near future.
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You mean just as a temporary fix until the next release, right? I don't fancy the idea of having 20 plugins sitting there just as security patches over a period of years.
Of course. I'd assume that at every major version you'd upgrade all the files, and thus would have the vulnerability patched in the code.
Dennis Tsang
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tmhai Wrote:i would rather have them hard coded into the files, rather than plugins, think of all the problems users could have...
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