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Pricing of Custom theme?
I wanted to know, what would be the pricing of a custom theme, I may buy later.
Akso, can you provide portfolios to see your abilities?
I wanna a response to that thread... any help?

Aspiring Web Developer
The price would all depend on what exactly you want.

My past works, ranked in order from my favorite to least:

As a customer, my opinion:

- For a decent and nice looking theme, the prices vary from USD 40.00 to 70.00, or more.
- Always establish a deadline
- Make sure to review the themer's portfolio, to see that he/she 'll get your point of view in the right way.
- Don't waste your money, but neither don't be greedy.
It would depend on what you want,but most of my custom themes have been 20-40 dollars.

You can find all of my free themes here -
My Site - Support For My Themes
If you would like a Custom MyBB Theme PM me Smile.

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