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150 posts for a .info domain - Limited offer!!!

I will buy you a .info domain for a year if you make 150 posts on my forum. You can split it into 3 days and make 50 posts a day if you want but you can take as long as you want. I be pushing the .info domain to your namecheap account. I will buy it one you done 100 posts and push it to your account once you finished all 150 posts. I will only push the domain to your account after you finish your posts.

You must have a namecheap account to do this offer. You must also NOT aleady be a member on my forum.

Forum Link:

I am only offer this to 1 people so be quite and reply to this topic before its too late.

electroman Wrote:Recieved. Big Grin Nice dealing with you! Your offers are really great Smile

+rep for you Cool


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