New Thread plugin
Basically, I'd like a plugin that will take the new thread page and add a drop-down list of forums to choose from to post the thread in.

I've seen Edson Ordaz's plugin, but it's really not what I'm looking for, though similar.
Edson Ordaz's plugin looks exactly like what you're asking.

What else do you need?
Edson's is confusing, it looks like it's asking you to select multiple forums. All I want is a list box at the bottom right before the post buttons Undecided
You can just change this line in ./inc/plugins/new.php:

$forum_selected = "<select name=\"fid\" size=\"{$size}\" style=\"width: {$width}px\">


$forum_selected = "<select name=\"fid\" style=\"width: {$width}px\">

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