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Mt. Moon Community
Forum here. I'm pretty proud, we've been growing pretty big. I'm proud to be running myBB on it ;D

Stats Wrote:Our members have made a total of 17,213 posts in 440 threads.
We currently have 134 members registered.

We've made over 17k posts in 3.5 months, and have been getting members consistently. Comments and criticism very apperciated.
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Nice, I'm lucky if I get 300 Posts in a single month. Smile
Do NOT PM me for Support!
I'm jealous. Sad

I only have 4,737 posts, 159 threads, and
86 members.
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Give us your feedback about MyBB in this thread and become listed on the MyBB website.
Yeah, I'm actually really proud of my forum. First one to actually be successful ;p

Forums are really hard to actually make ... big. This one I got like 6 sites to join together for one forum. That helped.
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Nice community there.. With that number of users, A global shoutbox could make the forum more "lively" and will seem to be more interactive -- maybe..! or the latest 5 topics.. For some reason, the default layouts of forum makes them look dull and dead to me. -- for some reason I am still hunting down till date.

It's about time you posted this here. Toungue

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