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Looking for oppurtunities!!!!

I am a freelancer and I am looking for oppurtunities in MyBB development.
You can view my profile at
Are you talking about theme, plugin or core development?
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
@ OP, you should look at the earlier thread started by you and use that thread rather
than re-advertising yourself !! I believe that we have more than 1000 myBB experts here !!
On your blog, you should change the text to:

Quote:I am a post graduate in Computer Applications, working as a freelancer looking for oppurtunities in web development. My skills include website development using HTML, PHP/MySQL, Wordpress,  JavaScript and Forum development using MyBB. I am also familiar with online database development using Zoho Creator. I work through the freelancing sites oDesk and Elance. I am a smart worker and work hard until my clients are fully satisfied. You can view my profile and hire me through the above mentioned sites.

Sounds more professional, and I tried to remove any grammar errors I saw Smile

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