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List of Confirmed Features
i suggest like boutton like vb
(2012-08-02, 06:03 PM)Alex Smith Wrote: I understand that but won't that be more decided by the framework? And, since yii uses PDO won't all of those listed at be supported?

Keep on mind PDO is just lib for accessing database. You still need to build correct queries your DB engine understands.
Twig performances don't look that good
And where its not looking good?
Social Groups
(2012-10-08, 07:01 AM)Rafio Wrote: And where its not looking good?

It's slow.
(2012-10-17, 07:41 AM)ekerazha Wrote: It's slow.

I dont see how 0.005s for template render is slow... you may get scared by template compilation graph but keep on mind it's for 1000 templates and you rarely hit more than 10 per page, plus its cached so no problem.

And keep on mind how much Twig offers to template designers compared to faster engines. Those features or (lack of them) mean more power for theme designers.
Also compare Twig's syntax to others such as Mustache. It's far easier to understand IMO. Plus it's backed by Sensio labs so it's likely going to have long term support.
Can't wait until this is released!
I love the current list, and honestly, that's enough for me. The thing I love most about this software is that I can run it without needing any third party plugins at all. I believe I have a grand 2 added to my board right now. The confirmed features list is more than enough to keep my satisfied.
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