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List of Confirmed Features
I've just cleaned up the first post in this topic slightly to reflect what's been announced, but have retained some of the original speculation. That isn't to say that any of this thread is official at all, I just wanted to try to keep it slightly up to date Smile
Thanks euan Smile
When mybb 2.0 gonna be released.??

It has many exciting features in box.

Excited to see and use them all....
Quote:When mybb 2.0 gonna be released.??

When it's ready. There is no release date.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
Hi guys, a demo for test is possible to download?
You can checkout the current development code at GitHub, but it's aimed at developers rather than users and isn't in a stable state.
Ok approximate date for a demo test?
(2016-02-05, 04:35 PM)Max_69 Wrote: Ok approximate date for a demo test?

There isn't one.
The most important thing I prefer is ability to use plugins regardless of the version of the mybb, something like with the current version. so if a plugin is written for 2, then it should work for all the versions in version 2 , such as 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc.. otherwise it will make a lot of site admins, and plugin developers uncomfortable, beside most of plugin developers don't go along with the mybb, they rarely release any update. I know there is still a security risk, so mybb should take care of that aspect instead of letting the plugin to handle the security. I think I am happy with the current version of mybb, because I could use a lot of old plugins without any problems, the only problem I had was the newpoints , but I could fix it with a couple of changes in the code.
I find it really hard to get any information of mybb 2.0 dev status while not being a developer. Is there any way to know what's going on day to day ? or is this really gonna takes more years to develop ? "When it's ready" answer has been used way to much..

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