ezRPG Integration??
Any news on this projects. How is it going?
in middle of my collage stuff right now so no news right now and my 27th birthday is this week so yer
Congratulations Massacre.

Hope you enjoy your day Big Grin

Also, please let us know when something is new at the process.
Scrolling doesn't work....
I wanna a response to that thread... any help?
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
(2011-08-26, 11:30 PM)Wes the Bes Wrote: Scrolling doesn't work....

Explain your error with more details


booher and company from "SUPER MEGA DUPER FANTASTIC ADMIN CP RPG PLUGIN SYSTEM PRE-ALPHA-ALPHAISTIC NOTCH-WANNABE" rpg system called phprpg, banned me just to prevent me mantaining work on ezrpg

well done

[Image: theyma.png]

that's how progress dies beacuse some people has e-dongle enlargement pretentions
next time, play fair and clean

any way, i am happy with the results, we got 300k views, this thread is the most watched ever.
and probably that inspired you guys to make phprpg, hoping you get the same results and i hoping you don't leave it dropped like someone else did in the past

Kind regards

P.D This thread can be closed
Closed by request.

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