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Need MyBB Expert to help me manage my forum

Im looking for MyBB Expert that wanted to help me manage my forum, including fix some problems that make my forum very slow and unstable.

History of the problem:
A few weeks ago, for unknown reasons, the domain "" have become slow and problematic: the forum users complain that they often have to load the same page several times to see it well. Other times users must close and reopen the address of the forum, etc etc....

Payment Via Paypal.
Please PM me. Thanks.

It must be a problem with your host. Try contacting them.
Already contacted them and they said that is no his problem. I need a help seriously
Can i take a look at your Forum? Post here or PM me the Forum URL.
Just for the Note: "helpmybb" has hired me for the job and I've optimized his site. Now the working speed of the site increased by 3x. P.S. I've tweaked some minor things to look site better.
May I suggest updating to MyBB 1.6.4 (released today) if you haven't already done so, it's got several performance improvements, as well as 2 new features, bug fixes & security issues fixed.
Ok i will see

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