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Anyone know of a free file sharing website script?
Planning on setting up a file sharing site with a twist Smile anyone know of any good free scripts? Or am I going to have to code it myself Toungue
My suggestion;
I tried finding that category on hot scripts already Toungue thanks

However I do notice most of these are simply a file upload script, not an actual download page and user CP etc Smile
You mean something like megaupload/mediafire?
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Yes sama he wants to make such site....

For that he wants Script
i have Youtube to mp3 online converting script but dont know how to install it Sad if any one have any Idea PLease PM me..
What about these two then:
Never mind Smile I'm going to get one coded Smile there really are no decent solutions out there Smile

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