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Look into getting different icons for your forums new posts/old posts/locked.

If you're a "market forums", then you should only focus on that, not " Conspiracy Theories", "Photoshop Board", "Youtube Discussion", " Xbox 360 & Live Gaming", "Playstation 3 and PSN Network", "Computer Gaming & Online", the entire "Coding" section, and "Computing" section.

Your descriptions match (exactly) too HackForums.
"This is where site rules and important announcements about the site are made. "
"This is where site rules and important announcements about the site are made. Please read carefully before you join. Also you can leave us feedback or ask site questions here. "

All forums under Coding, and Computing section are direct copies from HackForums.

Your logo is too big, and (therefore) does not fit your theme.
You have illegal stuffs in your Forum. Not allowed to showcase here.
A bunch of questionable material thats not allowed. Please check the rules:

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