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Full Version: Dates Issue *Please Help*
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My dates are reading like this on one of my plugins. I was wondering if this was a core issue or something, it is quite annoying and im not sure how it can be corrected.

Any help would be really welcome, thanks.

Bump for a solution, please?

Thanks in advanced.
What's wrong with it?
Can you see the January 1970 at the top? It has not measured any of the months properly after that.
Gentle bump once again? This really does need sorting.
Dont hate me for bumping, this is really making my performance checking at a glance very difficult.

Polite bump once again.
^ hmm., though a different thing, such dates issue is also seen at present here : latest-updates : resources

[Image: datesl.png]

AND as I searched further, the monthly stats issue was reported once BUT not resolved here :
Reported post not showing up?

Well spotted ranjani, know of a solution?

The 1970 popped up after i had ran some tasks after someone told me running these tasks would get rid of unread reported post warnings that still remained even after reading them.
1st January 1970 isn't just a random date. It's the day Unix time started.

And this is likely not a bug in MyBB. What's the plugin you're having this issue with?
its the Monthly stats plugin by jesse labrocca.

I didnt know that about the Unix.
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