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Full Version: Promotion Den
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Forum Name: Promotion Den
Forum Link:

Promotion Den is a forum where users can promote their forum, website, or blog. It currently offers different advertising services, posting packages, and soon to have more.

It has been running for a bit more then a month and hasn't been too active, but we are working on it. I am looking for any feedback / suggestions.

Thanks. Smile.
That is a good site Smile Best of luck.
Good luck Smile !
Thank you, Fluffy and smithtrd!

All feedback is appreciated everyone! Smile.
Looks great Mr. Dwight K. Shrute.
The name remembers me activeden Toungue
Nice forum, I hope you'll get some more activity and grow up, good work!
@RegularThemes Hehe, thanks!

@Danysalva - Thanks, and I hope we will grow up in the future as well. Smile.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, it is all appreciated.
We have just released our "Review Service"! We will review any forum or blog - the first 3 reviews requested are free. Smile.

Check Promotion Den out today!
Thank you, mcbain.

This week is "double cash week", which means everyone gets double the cash for posting.

We are offering free forum reviews and much more, come check us out today. Smile.
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