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Full Version: phpRPG - the free RPG engine [FULL plugin system/style system/adminCP]
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phpRPG is a free, highly modifiable rpg engine written in the extremely powerful web-language PHP. It has a FULL plugin system, style system, templateing engine, and AdminCP. Plugins can contain hooks that are put in specific places to modify the core engine without messing with the files making upgrading a snap! You are also able to export styles, and plugins to release for free, or to sell.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us over at

To Download the engine, simpally go here:

[Image: tumblr_lgq7t8t0di1qd2wtbo1_500.png]


i will give my review later

also change your logo
it made me feel ashamed
Lol, i know my logo sucks. I suck at graphical design crap. If anyone wants to make a new one feel free xP
Looks really good!

Except for that awful logo... Toungue
Yeah, I'm not quite sure why your logo looks like it was made in paint.

Knowing you though, the plugin itself should be awesome!
Remove the sprinkles around it and you're good to go. Toungue
btw where is language files?
i want to make spanish translation right now
Why does everyone make fun of my bootiful logo :'( lol jk. i know it's terrible jeeze Toungue
@glas well. uhm there is currently no language system :s. that will be coming in a future release though. i promise.
I could help with the Portuguese translation as well!
Loggin into admin cp, gives me a new button, then redirect to login screen

Same with player login

This has nothing!

Can we have a list of current features? maybe a change logs?

Actually this rpg system is still having the lead
plugin developers should focus on this

Edit: I got overexcited, this is not for production, it's still on initial development

why reinventing the wheel when already exists?
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