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Full Version: [bit urgent] Upgrade error
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My forum is offline cause this error.
I'm upgrading my forum, but I get this error.

[Image: immagineamq.png]

How to fix?
What version are you upgrading from?
Are you using the correct 1.6.4 merge tool?
have you uploaded all the files from latest download package overwriting earlier installed files ?
I downloaded 1.6.4 version, and uploaded into the server except inc/settings.php
Then i gone to the upgrade url and i get this error...
EDIT : it appears that your config.php file missing the correct database details

there is no "db_.php file" in the installation pack ; not sure how you are getting the above error ;
AND rename earlier settings.php as settings_OLD.php (also keep a backup in your computer)
the config.php file is empty...
^ if the upgrade script asks for database details then you have to provide the correct details
OR may be you have to put your earlier config.php at ./inc/
The thing that do something wrong is only the upgrade script!
Maybe it found something wrong and has istantly stopped to work -.-

I upgraded in an other way, simply uploading the new forum, make a database backup, deleted the database then to do a new installation, upload again the old database.
But next time please fix the upgrade script.
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