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Full Version: My Spam Method
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(2011-08-22, 09:59 PM)pavemen Wrote: [ -> ]
(2011-08-22, 09:50 PM)Jason L. Wrote: [ -> ]
(2011-08-22, 09:05 PM)Scoutie44 Wrote: [ -> ]... And if they only make 1/2 posts?

1/2 posts....?

probably means "1 to 2" posts

In that case if Askimet detects the post as spam it doesn't just leave it there and add 1 to the count. It will delete that post then give them 1 point towards the 5/10/15 for ban.
Looking good, here is mine.

Spamalyser - Analyses members posts' until they have 10 posts. Will report or block automatically if it reaches a certain spam 'weighting'. I have this set very strict so it's near impossible to spam. Here's a screen shot of it accurately denying a post,

Automatic Website Removal - Disallows use of homepage setting until 10 posts. (Spammers always do this)

No signatures until 5 posts.

Fassim for good measure.

Bots will never break through, ever. Human spammers might get through if they don't link spam, highly unlikely.

Askimet have reported to have a very high false positive.
(2011-08-23, 09:07 AM)ProVirus Wrote: [ -> ]Askimet have reported to have a very high false positive.

Looks fine to me..
Spamalyser can use the Askimet api key and you can control and gives a lot of options, Askimet alone gives too many false positive for me Undecided
Simple but effective little tutorial you have there.
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