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Full Version: We need to have a talk.
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Ever since this thread was posted, I think we've all been on edge concerning behavior and how we as individuals carry ourselves especially to the new members. That was lost with the recent fiasco concerning antman, of which I was a part and will admit my guilt.

The quality of this community has dropped significantly, and it's not just because of the new members. The members here have dealt with a lot of new members for a long time, but Jordan hit the nail on the head with this:

Quote:I'm all for helping people, but it's now at the point where every kid who has been on HackForums or another site alike wants to start a forum because they think it's a quick-road to money. 95% of new members aren't eager to learn anymore ...

It's unfortunate that, because of the success of others who spent many late nights coding, even more learning, and far too much money just to get off the ground, immature and uninformed tweens started to trickle in and now join on a daily basis thinking that the secret to success can be obtained simply by leaning on the shoulders of others.

There needs to be a paradigm shift within the MyBB community that, I think, would be best held until the release of MyBB 2.0. I'm not talking about a restructuring of the forums or more rules and whatnot, I'm suggesting a brutal approach to moderation and administration that cleans the community of such people and discussions. Perhaps a section dedicated to absolute beginners; the details will need to be hammered out amongst the team, privately.

Blame should not and can not placed upon one person or a group of members or even the team. The change was too slow to notice and now that it is upon us, there is no going back. Restructuring is the only way forward.
Quote:The quality of this community has dropped significantly, and it's not just because of the new members.

No it has not. I been here almost 6 years. It's really not changed that much and to be honest. I'd even say it's improved. All sites have bad times and moments. Anyone remember Ghaza or whatever her name was. That imho was embarrassing for all involved including me. But sometimes it's how things go.

I've been reading the support section for 6 years. There has been no decline in quality. It's just you perception because of an event or two.
IMO Steven and Jordan are correct in most of the points here. The leakage of Plugins and Themes significantly raised during the past few months. I do not want to point out who is behind this drama, who ever may be, I know you guys are mature and know pretty well the person behind the curtain. The authors will not tolerate their months or years of work going out hand to hand like this. Its not something like we could blame MyBB, but the author will realizes somehow that these are MyBB "users".

Second thing, which I feel like obtrusive is "neutral rep abusing". You may see couple of neutral reps on my profile for nothing. We've recently faced a person giving abused neutral reps to each regular user of this community. I'm 100% sure that each regular user is a victim of that person.

I've talked to Jordan about his thread on MSN and he told that "Neutral rep abusing" was one of the causes behind his Departure.
I agree with Yaldaram, even someone here, a big board owner, ripping postbit buttons and other button images off my site and has guts to say give me license that its of my forum lol when I myself got PSD of it saved and you can see it by going to web archive if his forum used my buttons before or not, (STAFF of this community knows who he is as I've posted regarding the issue in private forum), I feel such a shame and anger, he doesn't know to create images and want to run a big forum, I am so pissed. Many things are getting ripped off, especially these days, me and Yaldaram were terribly saved by one misconfusion, so yes this needs to be stopped.
@Yaldaram: no offence, but do you really care that much about a few neutral reps? I really don't care about my rep at all.

Anyway, I'm in two minds on the whole topic. The only way people learn is by asking questions - however stupid. What annoys me, however, is the lack of common sense and the fact people aren't willing to do anything for themselves. Another thing that grinds my gears is how users don't read plugin documentation. Developers would save a whole ton of time if people actually read the readme files - the Google SEO threads are a testament to the exact problem I'm talking about.
I don't the community here has changed much. But, the things hapining around the mybb community as a whole(third party sites and bigger sites now using mybb) are just starting to leak to here as well.

Honestly MyBB is kind of weird in whole forum world imo. Things are handled much like a paid software while it is an open source one. While this great it leads to people stealing thing that cost money(just like people use nulled version of IPB or vB).
And what was this Antman fiasco you guys keep talking about?
(2011-09-15, 06:18 PM)euantor Wrote: [ -> ]@Yaldaram: no offence, but do you really care that much about a few neutral reps? I really don't care about my rep at all.

No Toungue But I was referring to the point Jordan told me.
(2011-09-15, 06:21 PM)dikidera Wrote: [ -> ]And what was this Antman fiasco you guys keep talking about?

He kept making "theme" threads in general discussion where the themes are really bad. And, then didn't like the comments he got back.
Its not just here, it is everywhere. Wherever there is a free to register forum about a "youthful topic" or a forum about a free product, you can not avoid the issues you are seeing here.

I have a decent sized board, that has suffered through much of what is being discussed many times of the years. In fact, it got so bad, a majority of my old-timers left and most have not come back. Too many young kids and newbies not respecting the existing culture on the site. While I have tried various things to minimize the impact, the damage was done.

No I am trying to rebuild my site membership. Slowly I am seeing some old timers coming back, even those with UIDs under 200 (I have 15k users). They may not stick around long, but I am working on getting them back.

I was 3-4th largest site in my niche (non-brand specific offroad/4x4) several years ago, not any more. I know what it is like to see one hard work fall apart and become a fraction of what it used to be.

I'd hate to see the same happen here.

I can't offer much in the say of solutions, as I don't really think there is one given the mentality of those creating the problems.
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