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Full Version: make homepage contents of a forum
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when you go to my, i would like it to show my contents of one of my forums without all the reply and everything else...but i also want it so that if they post in that topic from the forums, the contents will go to the home page...i know there is a way to do this because we had it before on another website with mybb....but unfortunately taken down...if anyone can help me it would be appreciated...

Thanks Again
You can use the built-in portal for this. You can set portal.php as the homepage via .htaccess or similar, and the settings to control it are in the ACP.
can you give me a step by step...i mean i don't want to waste ur time and i would love to click the rep for you if u do lol....


oh and mybb is installed directly to my "". How would I make it so the home page is sorry im new...very very new....
Make a new text file, call it .htaccess (yes, with the dot).

Place this in it:
DirectoryIndex portal.php

Then upload it to the same directory your forum is in.
works like a charm....k one more do i make a home button for this portal page...i want to put it next to faq and members, etc. oh and i already repped you two....

please step by step again lol...for the newb