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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB 1.1.6 Released
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Please discuss MyBB 1.1.6 Released here.
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Updated =)

EDIT: I noticed that the version number has not be changed yet. It still shows 1.1.5
Looks like it wasn't changed in the changed files release, but you can change it manually by replacing this...

$mybboard['internalver'] = "1.1.5";
$mybboard['vercode'] = "115";

...with this...

$mybboard['internalver'] = "1.1.6";
$mybboard['vercode'] = "116";
Fixed in the archive.

Thanks, Updated Smile.
gotta hate those stupid hackers, anyway thanks for the update chris.
This security hole. Not so bad, bad or very bad?
Potentially bad.

I've received word they've taken over a few forums already..
Ill update now then. Thanks for the heads up Smile
Thanks for posting security updates as they happen.

Is there some sort of special audit program you have to find these security issues. They'd drive me crazy trying to find and fix!
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