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Full Version: Thinking of switching to mybb
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I`m contemplating switching from my IPB forum to mybb, as my customer access at Invision is due to expire.

What is the future for mybb? I don`t want to switch only to find mybb in a few months becomes a dead duck through lack of interest. I need to know if I switch, the software will continue to be supported and thrive.

Also, does anyone know if there is a bridge mod between mybb and one of the gallery scripts such as Coppermine, 4images etc?

Security was something else, can I assume this script is secure as they come?

I`ve been running our community for three years now, so this is a big thing for me. hope you understand Smile

Has anyone made the move from Invision 2.1 and can say it was definately worth it?

Well, the owner had stressed that this software will always be free...

MyBB has been constantly improving, from Release Candidates to Preview Releases to MyBB 1 and now 1.1.6. The MyBB Group has also been releasing security updates to heep the forum safe from exploits and SQL injections.

The next major update is MyBB 1.2 which includes clearing of some codes and adding new features.(Somehow almost every members are looking forward to it :p)

A Demo Board of MyBB 1.2 is here:

Theres also a converter from IPB 2.1.6 to MyBB. is 1 of the IPB Forums that have converted to MyBB.
I think the only direction for MyBB to go is up. I can't see MyBB's existence disappearing in the next few months, or even the next few years.

The support is one of the best given by any BB software, and being free just about makes it perfect Toungue
MyBB follows a 6-month release schedule.

Which means every 6-months a new major release is made.

We release Security Patches when needed that can be applied via Code Modifications that really helps those with heavily modded boards, like myself.

The 1.2 release will feature a slew of new features including Ajax. So if you are going to convert I would recommend converting now so that you can upgrade later.

The 1.4 release is due out sometime this winter, (this is my estimation) and will feature a big overhaul to the Admin CP, making it more flexable and easier to use.

We also have a group of dedicated Developers and Support Technicians, who provide you with support as fast as possible (Sometimes I think DennisTT is a bot when it comes to him giving support Toungue).

So from what I see, and like DrPoodle said, MyBB will only go up. Smile
Do it. I was a phpbb drone before my eyes were opened. Mybb is an excellent project with very good community. Mods are being released but more importantly the core system is being upgraded fairly often. The free part of mybb is the best part imho. Paying for ipb is imho a bad idea. It was a good software when it was free but if you want to pay then just go with VB. IPB is not a top tier software.
Has anyone created a bridge between MYBB and the popular gallery scripts yet?

Not to my knowledge but if you were to request it, someone would possibly do it.
Matt at IPS said IPB would forever be free also Toungue converted from ipb 2.0 - mybb, works well.
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