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Moderately sized site focusing on 4x4 and outdoor lifestyles and activities. Forums, galleries, reader's rides, DIY tech articles, classifieds, product reviews, vendor support and more.

Topic coverage includes 4x4, Jeeps, OHV, ATVs, camping, fishing, land use issues, snow mobiles, boats and watercraft, hunting and shooting, etc.

Recent changes include finally moved from static menus to totally CSS based menus with drop downs, etc.

Yes, it is fairly busy "visually" but I think its easy to navigate. I know I need to clean up the menu images as I am still using the old crappy gifs for some items, so i need to convert to transparent png.

And yes, its still a "blue" theme, but its at least a darker blue Toungue
No link in the post Toungue

BTW theme could be better, but you got content and that's what matters.

Link in the sig!

yes, the theme is pretty simple, but as you said, its more about content and I am not one for "too flashy"
Good use of colors, shading, contrast, logo, domain name. 8.5/10.

There's space to the right of the logo for a short slogan. This has the potential to really add to your site's appeal. Pavement Sucks is not necessarily intuitive to the casual browser / visitor. But your lack of a slogan is not a big negative. 7/10

Footer seems out of place or forgotten. I would want to color or style it to coordinate with the rest of the site, similar to the header might look best. 4/10

Seems you could make better use of the space around the top block of advertising, something else beside it or a larger block for advertising. Maybe move it left and put something else to its right. 6/10

You are correct, I did not work on the footer this time. Before the CSS toplinks menus I added this morning, the original style welcome block and panel area matched the footer style.

I have a slogan that I use on stickers, business cards and apparel (used to offer) but it does not fit 100% the site anymore since I expanded the content coverage.

The top banner was moved to fit the space better. The theme is fixed width so the is no room to add anything more up there.
FYI, I updated the footer as well to match the toplinks
Great content you have but I always thought the same thing as the people above. If you we're to just update your design a bit more and make it modern it would really bring a lot of visitors and content to your site. The new menu and footer is step 1 to that so far and that little detail really improved my impression. Good luck pavemen.
Thanks. I suck at graphic design, but I can't afford to pay someone. That said, I am trying to talk my sister-in-law to build the images/layers for me and I will use CSS and sprites for the new layout. She has a degree in graphic design but lacks the motivation since I lack the ability to pay....

I have some good ideas of what I want to do, I just don't have the ability
Wow, with those stats you'd think you'd get some ad money.
I do, but I have other obligations that the business income goes towards.
The site looks good. At the first look, i though this site uses Joomla. Do you use Joomla or MyBB on this website?
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