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Hello everyone.
Some guys knows and some don't. No problem. Today, I'd introduce you all to my new site which was launched today, 11/13/2011/, its called Educationforums.

I'd shortlist below some goals/motives on which it is based:
-Web Devolpment
- White Hat ( Remove Viruses,..)
-we have a graphic Section for our Graphicers
-school Education

We even have a online-school. Currently we have a PHP school where you can learn PHP, and a webdevolpment school. We will teach you how to devolp a site, how to get traffic,...

The above listed are just major sections, theres lot more and variety of forums that might interest you people.

You need a webhosting + .net / .com / .de Domain for FREE? AND UNLIMITED?

Well, we have a method. Just register on the site, post atleast 20 Posts and PM "Eminent". (that's me)
I will send you the method.
We launched today, and we already have 100 Posts.Smile
Have fun!Smile

Please post also suggestions, ideas,..

Good to see you removed the images and descriptions you copied from HF. But the general structure and categories still resemble it. Inorder to make a Forum successful, you should be more unique.
Why? We have a online school and different sections.Toungue
Color scheme is not really appropriate for an education forum. At least that's what I think Sad
However you used black color for background of your website, i liked your website and it seems good. Its interesting for me that you have 100 posts in only few hours. Are all of them unique and written by yourself?
Nice site, I had a domain for education aswell but didn't had time to run that community.
I don't like the theme. It resembles a dark site. It needs to have more happiness in it. I recommend a much lighter theme. Also make sure that you have enough members for all those tabs, otherwise it's to much. I like the idea though! I might try to take classes there.
We will make a new theme soon.
And sorry, we had some problems with our hosting, and now all 110 posts and 20 members were lost Confused

But we already have now around 50 posts and 8 users.
I hope everyone will re-join, and sorry.
I'll be sending your host a DMCA notice to remove my plugins and graphics.

EDIT: DMCA Notice sent. A nice nasty one too. Let's see how long it takes for them to suspend you.

Oh and btw people. I did send him a notice asking the removal but he never responded. I gave him 24 hours to take them down. It's been 2 days and no response. So don't feel I'm not being fair about it.
Is he not a MyBB Central subscriber?
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