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Full Version: extremely slow?
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Is anyone else having this problem? I have a feeling it's not my internet connection, because i just did a speedtest and have 34mb/s dl and 55 mb/s upload. Just wondering if this is a common problem that anyone else is having.
Hmm, yes, pages are taking longer than usual to load. Not sure what's going on though.
You're not the only one. It's extremely slow!
Same here. Much load today.
Could just be general server issues, or we could be experiencing a mild attack. Either way these things happen and will be resolved shortly.
Seems fine now though, only a little bit lag.
It is still loading slow for me.
It took me 10 seconds to load this topic. 0.0
The site was down for about 10 minutes yesterday too. I'm guessing the two are related.
Similar situation was observed couple of days ago..
Some recent server changes may be causing a few issues. Last night I saw the load hit 46 and earlier today I saw it hit 60, with 10+ second page generation times. I think Mr Boulton is still in the US of A so won't be able to have a look into it just yet.
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