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Full Version: Attachment mime types funky on forums?
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I just posted an attachment and tried to download it. It would let me download it fine, however in Firefox when I tried to download the .zip file I posted Firefox called it a MP3 format sound, even though it had the .zip file extension.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Just bringing this to your attention. Smile
I think that has to do with what method you zipped it doesn't it? (I could be wrong here)
Care to post that zip here?
Sure, here is the file.

I am wondering if it is a MyBB bug though, because I had the same attachment on my forum and Firefox said it was an "Adobe PNG file".

Somehow the mime types are messed up.
Downloads fine for me in Firefox. Sad
No problems here.
Try this, it works better
Hmm interesting. And what's the difference between that one and the other one?
(2012-02-21, 01:27 PM)frostschutz Wrote: [ -> ]Try this, it works better

Odd, when I try to download that one it tries to download as a .bmp image, and Firefox says "This image cannot be displayed because it contains errors".

That's odd. Anyone else having anything similar, or is my Firefox just messed up? Smile
I can do the first just fine, but the second just displays a blank page in mobile safari on my iPad.
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