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Full Version: IPB 3.2.3 to Mybb
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Is there any way?
Wanna move back to mybb.... :-(
I didnot find SMF converter for IPB 3.2.x can u provide link plzz?
Plz provide link to smf converter for ipb 3.2
Good luck Josh ...the only way I found out that it may work is merge to SimpleMachine forum software and then go from there and use the mybb merge system for SMF.
i did not get
I've been away for a bit. The IPB3 module should have new code by the end of the week. It was supposed to be the end of last week, but then I started having massive headaches and couldn't be at the computer much. I have a few more tweaks to do with the 2nd half of IPBs modules. Then I'll upload new code to the svn.
is it avsilsble?????????????????????????????/
The code is probably in the SVN @
please direct link is needed

hello direct link?
(2012-05-01, 01:57 PM)Paul H. Wrote: [ -> ]

That's not the SVN. That's a repository browser.

how to download that Big Grin
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