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Full Version: Forum of the Month.
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I think a competition like this would be pretty cool for this community. It might encourage others to try harder on their sites too. I think we have a friendly unique community here and something like this could be awesome. The winner could get a 1 month "FOTM" userbar or something?

Anyone else agree or is this idea going to get immediately shot down by the haters? I'm ready. Cool
I think it would be pretty cool, it's a good idea. Smile
I'll never win it that's for sure but it could greatly motivate other users.
What I fear could happen is that only the big boards would be mentioned.
Unless there will be a balance of the growing and the already grown ones, I'm not sure it's a good idea per sé.
Great idea, this will indeed motivate the MyBB users/community. Smile
I support this idea. I'm in a webmaster's forum where they do this and it's pretty cool.
And Labrocca can't enter HF because it violates MyBB's support.

[Image: smiley_creepy.png]
What makes a winner of the award?
Could be voted by community.
Staff could choose. Or as weBex said, a poll could be posted and we get to decide but that could result in users asking for votes.
this should be clear, what categories base?
design? huge posts number? international language? local? or something else?
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