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Full Version: I Purchased MyBB Project.
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In case it isn't abundantly obvious, this is an April fools joke.

I bought the MyBB Project from Chris today and I will be changing the software from an Open Source license to a commercial proprietary license. Part of the MyBB code will not be encrypted in order to protect my intellectual property. But don't worry price per license will still be relatively cheap at $80 per site which is nearly 1/2 the price of the competition.

Also all MyBB sites will be required to have a footer link to

A sitewide announcement and email newsletter should go out shortly but I was so excited that we closed the deal I felt it prudent to post about this immediately.

Thank you very much.
April fool.
Nice April Fools joke.

I am watching out today. People think they can fool me. I mean, my parents tried to, Audentio tried to, MyBB is trying to, and now you.

Grr. Crazy beat me to it. I was doing ninja text so I could hopefully let it fool other people
This is legit though.
(2012-04-01, 07:08 PM)Solidus Wrote: [ -> ]This is legit though.

Exactly. Just bad timing on labrocca's part.
Good tries. Try more.
When I read that HF needs to be in the footer I knew this was an AF joke. Good one. But I'd like to see mybb licenses be worth $80.
I'm seriously hoping this is a joke. I don't have $80 to use. Better find a new software ...
(2012-04-01, 07:32 PM)Odin of Aesir Wrote: [ -> ]I'm seriously hoping this is a joke. I don't have $80 to use. Better find a new software ... if you want a free alternative.
Well, then, what about forums that are currently running MyBB? How long do they have to get labrocca $80 before he DMCAs them?
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