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Thank you Paul for cleaning out the threads! Now I can start over again!
[Image: logo.png]

The GamerVoid gaming forums started in late 2010. At that time, I was not the most experienced of webmasters, so GamerVoid suffered quite a bit of downtime, seriously hurting our growth unfortunately.

I got the forums back up, and better than ever in August 2011, and ever since have been working on slowly growing it.

What can be discussed at GamerVoid?
Really anything about gaming can be discussed in the On-Topic sections. From rumors about new consoles, to favorite games, and more. There is one exception, that being the General Technology section which is for anything not gaming-related.

Why us?
  1. Still growing
  2. Exciting features planned
  3. Well Moderated
  4. No Ads
  5. Why not?
  6. News frequently posted, reviews planned in the future
  7. I plan to post my terrible game fails soon - so you'll get to laugh at those

Overall, GamerVoid is going to be a fun place for gamers to discuss their hobby - gaming. That is our mission.

Interested Yet?
Well I sure hope so, come on and join us (err - at least the few active members Wink). I will be eternally grateful if you become an active member! Heart
Register at

Feedback? I am always open to suggestions. Gimme some below Smile
Great theme Smile Hit counter seems rather tacky, it's so five years ago Wink
Well that was just a cPanel CGI script, I'll probably swap it for something better.
And yeah, that counter has to be at least 5 years old.
I actually dislike the theme - it's very dark, too dark in my opinion. I'd also personally reduce the amounts of sections or concentrate real hard flooding it with content before release. Gaming forums are hard to make big.
(2012-04-05, 10:32 PM)Anxiety Wrote: [ -> ]I actually dislike the theme - it's very dark, too dark in my opinion. I'd also personally reduce the amounts of sections or concentrate real hard flooding it with content before release. Gaming forums are hard to make big.

Funny you say that, a lot of gaming themes are very dark. It sort of sets the LEET mood. I might add something lighter though.

I agree about the sections though. I have two that I plan on removing probably tonight.
Yeah I know gaming forums normally tend to dark themes, I'm actually a fan of dark themes, I personally just think if it's too dark it's a bit of an eye-sore, but I'm sure it's just me as there are many that like black themes Smile.

Good luck with the site mate.
  • I see that theme a lot and I'm with Anxiety on this one, it's a bit too dark for my likings.
  • The logo needs some work.

Those are really my only two suggestions, other then that, good luck with your community. Smile
You see that theme a lot? I guess we visit different forums Smile. I have only noticed it in one other forum, which changed after converting to xenForo.

Yeah, I am not a huge graphic designer. I might get something simple from Audentio in the future. I need to recoup my funds first. Maybe around my birthday (lots of relatives!).
I'm not very very fond of the theme, seems overused to me. The logo needs some improvement, I would try using some lighter colors instead of the "Gamer" in black with a dark glow try changing it to white because it might look better on a dark theme website.

As for the categories you should organize them a little better. You could try making the main category for them labeled as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo then within those you put sub forums for Xbox, Playstation 2 & 3, Nintendo DS/Wii, and other consoles that those companies make.

The website still needs a lot of work but it has potential. Good luck.
As mentioned above, I will probably get a better logo around my birthday when I have the money to.

Organization is definitely what I am deciding on right now. To go this way or that way, you know Smile

Opinions will change once I finish a very unique feature. But I won't say what that project is until it is done — not even my co-admin knows what it is. Basically, it is held under Apple-level secrecy Toungue.

Thanks for the feedback though! It is nice seeing the points that come to consensus. I am confident that the future is very bright!

I think that reorganization into what you suggested (Mfr -> Console -> threads) will happen once I have more threads created right now, it works well and simplifies navigation. Later on though, I will pull a Zynga and really utilize Subforums.
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