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(04-27-2012, 10:42 PM)shawman6972 Wrote: [ -> ]i know im bad at making site

It's not that, man. Everyone has to start somewhere. =) All we're doing is trying to give you constructive criticism to push you to be greater. I'm not gonna lie, you have a ways to go. But at least you're going. ^_^ So just keep working on it, alright?
Thank, guys
I do appreciate the negative reply's because it helps me get better
1. had no idea what's the forum about, put a 'welcome' message to guests and write few sentences about your forum. Would help them know it better and join.
2. get the shoutbox off the forums or at least move it in the footer. You need to get people to post IN the forums, not shoutbox.
3. overall it's looking nice, not too much to comment on the design. Maybe set the layout to fixed, it's too wide on a wide monitor.
4. you have absolutely no content there. You need 10-20 threads at least in each category and then start promoting. Get members, pay for posts, do exchanges, use postloop, anything to make it move Wink
ok i fixed chat thing
Way too many forums and tabs are always a horrible idea imo, you should start a forum with a few forums then add more as you go. Why are you partnered with another gaming forum that is dead? Also with a gaming forum you have to have something special to get members. People dont just google gaming forum and look on the 200th page find yours and join. If I was you I would use this site as a learning experience then start a new site when you are better prepared.
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