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Full Version: Webmasters Bay | New forum and with awesome theme
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[Image: nsa1.png]
Hello MyBB, Today i made a new forum called <snip> its a forum for webmasters and for the ones that wanna be a webmaster Its a great forum and a wonderful custom mybb theme and you should check it outSmile

Please tell me what you guys thinkBig Grin

Please Join Today!Cool

You can visit us <snip>
(2012-04-26, 04:22 AM)Monkey Boy Wrote: [ -> ]Hello HF
Copy & paste too much?
So what's different from Try coming up with something unique.
I'm sorry but this is not a "awesome" theme :s
* xDizzy likes Nathan Malcolm pope avatar.

* xDizzy also do not like this forum theme.
Site name: 6/10

Logo and colors: 4/10
- To improve:
1. Add more space between the letters of WEBMASTERS BAY.
2. Add an apostrophe to the logo like this, WEBMASTERS' BAY.
3. Change the color of all letters in WEBMASTERS BAY to the blue used in BAY.
4. Change the color scheme to match or better coordinate with the two blues in the logo.
Hackforums is not your personal army.
Domain 7/10
Logo 6/10
Theme 5/10
Content 1/10
I despise the word "bay" as a replacement for "forum(s)". Just me?
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