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Full Version: [3 copy sale] Gamer.Co -dark mybb theme for gaming communities
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(2012-05-25, 11:33 AM)Odin of Aesir Wrote: [ -> ]Just so you know, the search box is out of alignment on CODMedia.

I like the color, the nav bar is awesome, I think it looks really good overall.

Thanks a ton.
The codmedia site have edited the theme from being default,what i made so the search bar is out of position.
But i think its rectified now as they have re-edited it.
Its glad you liked it.
Only 2 copies left out.
Grab them soon Smile
Only 2 copies left out,grab the theme best for any gaming forum Smile.
PM me those who are interested in the theme.

Note : Unique classic postbit design added for the theme,for the next single copy(2nd copy)
Grab it soon Smile
One more copy sold,and last copy is there.
Grab it soon as it gets into hands of another.
The unique piece of the theme.
Pretty nice theme. Good luck selling it. Wink
(2012-07-04, 10:27 AM)Irreligious Wrote: [ -> ]Pretty nice theme. Good luck selling it. Wink

Thanks Buddy Smile,glad u like it Smile.
only one copy left $30 for regular license and $10 extra for copyright removal Smile
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