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Full Version: MyPortal - MyBB Edition
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I currently have a mod for XenForo called MyPortal. I am going to port it to MyBB since the demand is high for a working portal system that will bring into light features that are missing from the default portal.

This will take some time to get done so bear with me as I do this port.

I will take all feature suggestions in this thread until release then all feature suggestions must be made on my main site.

So let me hear them?

Current features of XenForo edition:
  • Various pre-installed blocks
  • Ability to control what forums these blocks pull data from
  • Custom welcome message handled through a phrase that is just one line
  • No separate login form on the main portal page
  • Creation of new blocks
  • Deleting current blocks
  • Moving blocks
  • Admin control of blocks

Features I am adding that will be part of MyBB edition:
  • Layout controlled from admin area
  • Blocks rebuilt to pull data without extra queries
  • Importing of blocks/layouts
  • Exporting of blocks/layouts

I now open the thread for suggestions, comments, or concerns.
Similar to Jaxel's Xenporta? That would be great.
Similar, yes.
This sounds great, the portal I am using at the moment I believe is no longer being developed so it will be nice to see a new one Big Grin
(2012-05-20, 08:05 PM)Rob1991 Wrote: [ -> ]This sounds great, the portal I am using at the moment I believe is no longer being developed so it will be nice to see a new one Big Grin

I discovered the same thing when I was looking for a portal for my new site, so I decided to use ProPortal for now until I get MyPortal ported to MyBB. Can't get that done until I release updates to MyPortal and MyShop.
Cant wait for you to finish this. Hopefully you will be able to finish it, before you take a break. Like the other `pro portalĀ“ stuff.

Anyways hope to see some more information etc soon.
Seems to be a curse over the portal thing.
As of today my computer will not be back online until May 29th, but I will be checking the site from my cell so I can still answer questions, just not coding. Reason for no computer is I'm moving, it is getting packed up in about 5 mins and won't have internet again until the 29th then I will hit it hard getting MyPortal ported to MyBB.
(2012-05-25, 03:38 AM)Lo. Wrote: [ -> ]Seems to be a curse over the portal thing.

Yeah it does doesnt it Toungue

Now with him without a computer for a few days.. the doom senario is already starting.

Just kidding hopefully everything will go smoothly with the moving, and that you are able after the 29th to continue the progress with this (and actually finish it before i give up hope of ever seeing a good portal mod Big Grin )
I cant wait for beta testing Smile
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