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Full Version: Animated Rainbow Usernames
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I will be showing you how to make a specific group have rainbow usernames.

1- Go to Admin Control Panel >>> Templates >>> Ungrouped Templates >>> headerinclude >>> and add the following code in it .
<script type="text/javascript" src="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/jscripts/midori_rainbow_username.js"></script>

2. Now go to the "footer" template and insert this ad the very end.
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
while(shimmercount>0) {
   var shimmerstring=shimmercount+ 'shine';
   eval('var colcon= shimmercolor' +shimmercount);
   eval('var shimspeed="shimmerspeed' +shimmercount+ '"');
   eval('var shimcolor="' +colcon+ '"');
   shine(shimmerstring, shimcolor, shimspeed);
   var shimmercount=shimmercount-1;
while(glitcount>0) {
   var glitstring=glitcount+ 'glitter';
   eval('var colcon= glitcolor' +glitcount);
   eval('var glitspeed="glitspeed' +glitcount+ '"');
   eval('var glitcolor="' +colcon+ '"');
   glitter(glitstring, glitcolor, glitspeed);
   var glitcount=glitcount-1;
while(rainbowcount>0) {
    eval('var rain'+rainbowcount+'=document.getElementById("rain'+rainbowcount+'");');
    eval('var rainbowspanning'+rainbowcount+'=new RainbowSpan(rain'+rainbowcount+', 0, 360, 255, 50, 348);');
    eval('rainbowspanning'+rainbowcount+'.timer=window.setInterval("rainbowspanning'+rainbowcount+'.moveRainbow()", 50);');
    var rainbowcount=(rainbowcount-1);

3. Next this is to give a specific group a rainbow name.
Go to Admin Control Panel >>> Users & Groups >>>Groups >>> your aim group >>>Option>>Edit user group>>Username Style -----> And insert :
<span style="font-weight: bold; color:#27A727;"><i><SCRIPT language="JavaScript">var rainbowcount=(rainbowcount+1); document.write("<span id='rain"+rainbowcount+"'>"); </SCRIPT>{username}</i></span>
4. Upload " midori_rainbow_username.js" into your "jscripts" file in root .

Now whatever group you picked will now have a rainbow colored username.
Wow, it's beautiful. I'll be adding this, thanks.
pandora can be heard screaming in the distance
doesnt work for me.
Gosh. Just....gosh.
I could see this working with a retro style of theme.
Good job.
(2012-05-25, 08:53 PM)Snapy888 Wrote: [ -> ]Doesn't work, can you help me?
you can see my demo forum source for your errors.
we shouldn't need to check your source. you guide obviously doesn't work,
Has anyone got this to work?
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