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Full Version: Animated Rainbow Usernames
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Yeah this dont work guys it hasnt for a long time.
(2013-09-09, 11:21 PM)TaylorCTU Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah this dont work guys it hasnt for a long time.

yeah me to Sad
Does this work or is there a newer way?
Its Working Fine for me MyBB v.1.6.12

Can't add the Usertitel by a Error: Not allowed to use Script/Meta in Username... so i drop the HTML UsernameTag over phpMyAdmin for the specific group and load the cache for the usergroups over the ACP and so it see its works!!!
Happy New Year 2014 to all HeartHeartBig GrinHeartHeart
I saw some Friends can't use my tutorial (post No#1)(link)!!!!!!!!
It works fine Cool Wink If you don't believe it , you can see four movies from finalize works in attach . (below) . Heart
Did it the way showed in original post, worked but it messed up my forums area to where i couldn't access it.

Had to remove it all and delete group.
Happens whenever i finally put the color on, i can't access my forums/index.php, but can access everything else fine.

Delete group with the rainbow text, and it starts working again.
I'm on mybb 1.6.12, latest version to date.
dear midoori;
please exchange step 3 with step 4

this worked for meSmile
You can't use script, meta or base tags in the username style. ? Why ?
This tutorial is over two years old. I believe it to be intentional that script, meta, and base tags are not able to be used in username style. I don't know how well your HTML or Javascript knowledge is, but they present a great security risk if they were allowed.
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