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Would members here be willing to use a blog system?

It won't be a plugin, just simply upload files and it works straight off the bat. It uses the forum login system, so it will all be only 1 login.

I'm working on integrating the style with MyBB.

Your thoughts?
Willing to try it, yes.

Willing to really use it, need to try it first.

At least me, I got tired of trying to merge wp+mybb.
I'd be willing to use a blog system as a Reviews section in terms of gaming.

As long as it integrates nicely and allows member commenting, I'd use it.
It allows member commenting and integrates with the login system (so far).

If it gets made into a plugin, all I'd need it to do is use the forum header and footer, which shouldn't be too hard to do.

I'll update this thread with screenshots soon.
It should be a combination of plugin (or ACP module) and new pages.

The plugin/module would handle the permissions, settings, etc. via the ACP. This facilitates uniformity in the site/forum control.

The new page(s) would be like blog.php and handle the actual output and new content and can be based on an existing page for how to start/end an the page. the middle parts you replace with your own code.

Just my opinion though
The blog will actually be located through /blog/ or what ever name you choose.

The permissions and settings can be put into my blog system, so it wouldn't need a plugin. But I'd prefer it to be a plugin as it would save editing files and would be easier for people to use.

As I said previously, integrating the design wouldn't be too hard. I think having the blog located in a directory is much more beneficial than a file in the main directory. Just my thought though.

If this was made into a plugin, it would only require files to be uploaded. Everything else would be configurable through the ACP.
(2012-05-23, 09:58 PM)TheNova Wrote: [ -> ]I think having the blog located in a directory is much more beneficial than a file in the main directory.

Personally I think you're better off sticking to the structure people are used to and just using a blog.php or myblog.php file. If people want to use /blog/ then they'd be able to use .htaccess or their equivalent web server method to rewrite URLs. Of course you could rewrite the other way if you wanted.
The way I have the blog written is that when a user creates a blog post it makes the URL /blogs/TheNova#1, /blogs/TheNova#2, /blogs/TheNova#3 etc for each of their own blog posts.

So really, the way it would come out is and for their first blog post.

Obviously blog.php sounds and looks great, but looking at doesn't attract me one bit.
that works as well, and what i was getting at in my post. the main page/processing should be new content but to have full integration with existing system have the settings/controls be in the ACP, either as a simple plugin file or as a whole module

your index file in /blogs/ would simply include global.php and you code can then use language files which would be editable via the ACP, MyBB settings which would be editable via the ACP, templates which would.... you get the idea.

Its how I built MyShowcase and how others build thier add-on/new content like MyDownloads.
I think you could do a pretty convincing blog with XThreads ... hum.
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