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Full Version: What color theme should I create?
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I'm making a new theme for my forum and I want it to be black and another color. I'm just taking some suggestions. What color should it be? What do you guys think? Even a variation of colors.
Depends on the type of forum. If its gaming then red/black are suitable for such websites.
bright yellow
Pink with black dots lol.
Pink, light blue, purple, orange, gold (good luck finding a shade that's not 'just dark yellow' but not also orange), really almost anything would look good with black. Except black. Then you might as well turn your monitor off.
bright yellow
(2012-06-03, 11:59 PM)Scoutie44 Wrote: [ -> ]bright yellow

RolleyesToungueBig Grin

Darkish blue, Darkish red or yellow/orange
Illuminous Yellow. Lmao. This is geeting out of hand lol.
We already have alot of black and blue themes. So try something a bit different like black and red or black and orange. Or if you brave... Black and a brighter color like pink lol.
light brown
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