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I'm currently creating a full API for MyBB 1.6, it will include many functions needed to integrate it with any other parts of your website.

Planned Features
* Create, Edit, Delete users
* Enable/disable any function via your MyBB AdminCP
* Create, Edit, Delete posts/threads
* Get array of threads/posts from specified board(s)
* Create necessary login cookies for user

If you have any suggestions for this API, please feel free to let me know through a reply on this thread!
Sounds good. Are you planning to make it an XML type API as is found in IPB? If so, that would be so useful you don't even know ;P
I could look into doing that, I've never really worked with any XML api before. This was just going to be a class of functions, but i'll see what i can do Toungue
Hope it actually progress, also replying to receive UCP notifications Toungue
If this pans out I'll definitely be using the cookie functions to finally finish my WP-MyBB login integration, PressBoard.
since he is banned now, i doubt he will be working on the API.... Sad
Damn. I might have to take this type of thing on at some later date.
(2012-06-09, 06:29 PM)euantor Wrote: [ -> ]Damn. I might have to take this type of thing on at some later date.

Was thinking the same thing myself, working on making the create/delete user functions in the API class right now ;P
I was thinking of working on the same. I prefer JSON return values, btw. Would a collaboration be possible to speed this up?
I'd happily collaborate. I don't mind either the json or XML formats. Both work for me, though JSON is admittedly easier.
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