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Full Version: Harry Potter Beyond
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Also you should return false.
<div class="menutitle"><a href="#" onclick="SwitchMenu('sub1'); return false;">Site</a></div>
So it doesn't jump up to the top when clicked.
Or alternatively:

<div class="menutitle"><a href="javascript: onclick="SwitchMenu('sub1');">Site</a></div>

which should work just as well Wink
Actually no.
That would be:
<div class="menutitle"><a href="javascript:SwitchMenu('sub1');">Site</a></div>
Although better to use onclick with return false.
HPB V6 has been released and the forums, as well as the main site, has been reskinned Big Grin i think it looks way better than before Wink
any suggestions/comments??
Wow! Pretty cool! I'm gonna register ASAP!

Keep it up, pritthish! Smile
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