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Full Version: Stealing someone's suggestion - No e-currency "paid" jobs
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A lot of threads are popping up now recruiting users here to fill in their Staff positions on their forum, labelling the title as "Paid" and then revealing that they're paying them via their forum currency, which is completely stupid.

Someone suggested earlier (I think weBex) to make a rule where you can't do that and I agree.

Example thread #1
Example thread #2
I agree.
'Pay' refers to giving money for goods and services.
'Money' refers to coins and banknotes.

So, using 'Paid' is not only annoying, but wrong.
The smart people will just refer to it as "compensated" work. Thankfully, the people who typically do this aren't what I'd call "smart." I support this. That forum has been a mess the last few days.
True, true, it's an advertisement scheme by most like Apple's "every song a $" or however it is.
(2012-07-12, 03:08 AM)///ViNcE Wrote: [ -> ]True, true, it's an advertisement scheme by most like Apple's "every song a $" or however it is.

what are you talking about?

just set prefixes for the forum. [PAID] and [FREE]. paid for real money. free for everything else. period.
Support, we need something like this.
It's a waste of time to read something that's tagged "paid", and ending up not being so.

Some people are here looking for legit work.
Well said. It was really BS to see these threads in RSJ these days.
Pushing this to internal discussion...but most people should agree to this...
Seeing the way the admins post jobs for forum currency this past few weeks, I completely agree. We need some guidelines in place to check the flow of fatuity around that section.
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