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Full Version: WiiF theme for MyBB 1.2 [1.0]
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This is the theme on <snip>

Please do not remove my copyright on any technology based or gaming website, or any site that somebody may visit and then visit . This is to preserve the work I put into amongst my piers. Any personal or otherwise forums that has users who wouldn't care about my website at all, or a very small user base, I could care less if you left the copyright in.

Installation: To install the theme upload the 'rotate' and 'wiif' folders to your forum root directory. Then use the 'Wii-f-theme.xml' file to import the theme in admin-cp. That is all.

download it here:

it probably won't work since this is my first package. I can't upload it to the mods site because it packages too large.
nice theme thankyou.Smile
Its a nice theme indeed, but can you also please put in MyBB's copyright?

The minimum copyright needed is:
Powered by <a href="">MyBB</a>, Copyright © 2006 <a href=">MyBB Group</a>
I can put it in the theme but i want to keep my forum content to me thank you.
I think a link back to mybb is sufficient, letting them claim all my content is not an option though.
Then you would be breaking the Copyright of MyBB!
				<!-- You may NOT remove, modify or hinder the visibility of the MyBB copyright at any time.
				     It must contain the links to the MyBB website and be formatted appropriately.

					 Failure to comply with the above will result in prosecution to the full extent of the law.
					 This is free software, support us and we'll support you. -->
I uploaded a new one that states that the cms is copyright mybb (not the entire website). I edited it, oh my god.

The idea is that if somebody sees the forum, sees it is kickass and would like to make a similar forum, they can see i use mybb. I still support them. I think having 2 links going to the exact same spot in the same content area is counter productive, especially on seo standards anyways.
Everything but the posts are copyrighted by MyBB so why shouldn't they have an copyright visible on the forums?
As they have said you may add
Content copyright <name here>
Below it.
welcome to the internet.
less is more. the one link will have a higher ctr than a duplicate link.
a good idea would be to have the powered by mybb, and make mybb a (javascript) popup window that contains a link and a cms copyright bleh... content bleh
that way it is still easy on the eyes and gets it all out.
putting a lot of content in an unformatted area is a horrible idea.
Then format then? As you can read in the above snippet.
Failure to comply with the above will result in prosecution to the full extent of the law.
the extent is about 3 inches.
eula Wrote:Any additional files you add must not bare the copyright of the MyBB Group.
when you 'add a new template file' it states 'add file'.
my index file is different than the default supplied to the copyright; and the copyright might actually need to be removed entirely.
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